Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in Colorado

For Christmas this year my family (Ezra, Dee dee, 7 kids, spouses and grandkids) met up at my sister Jenn's ranch in Rifle, Colorado. We had a great time skiing, playing games, shooting guns, etc. On Christmas Eve the whole crew went to the local sledding hill to take advantage of the snow. Natalie, my sister Krista and I decided to show everybody how it's done. Below is video of us doing the first toboggan run of the day. I'm in front Natalie is in the middle, Krista is in back.

It doesn't look too bad, but I didn't exactly stick the landing. My stupidity earned me a trip to the Rifle hospital ER on a back board and in a neck brace. Fortunately I didn't damage my back or neck. I did walk out of the hospital with a cast on each arm and little road rash.

Fortunately Natalie and Krista survived with just a little road rash on their faces. Natalie has been a great "Florence Nightingale" doing just about everything for me (fortunately I can do a few things on my own).

Here is the x-ray of my right arm. Can you spot the break? They aren't absolutely sure yet that the left arm is broken.

Other than the sledding accident we've had a great time with my family. We took family pictures for the first time in years. Below is a sample, and go here for a couple more.