Sunday, July 27, 2008

What's with the lobes?

So the whole ear-thing started a long time ago when Keith and I had a lengthy discussion about earlobes. My whole life I've always thought that attached earlobes were the more coveted type of lobe. I thought attached had more longevity because as you got older they didn't get all danglely. However, Keith brought up an opposing argument and said that attached earlobes make your face sag down as you get older and it's better to just have saggy earlobes instead of saggy earlobes and a saggy face. We thought that the best way to settle this disagreement would be to take a little survey.

Here are some things to consider before voting.

Figure 1: The David

I think the picture speaks for itself. This sculpture is know for its timeless beauty and golden proportions. I'm pretty sure Michelangelo knew what he was doing when he made the earlobes attached.

Figure 2: Girl with a Pearl Earring

With earrings like this you need an attached earlobe for support!

What do you think?